Product Information

This splitter side plate setup was developed in CFD by a former F1 aerodynamicist and tested in the wind tunnel on our GT350 and provided a good downforce increase. They can easily be adapted to just about any splitter that protrudes sideways from the bumper a few inches or more. The kit contains the left and right main side plate, and left and right low tire deflector (4 total pieces). These parts are 3d printed which allows several advantages over a carbon fiber part. Since they are printed to order, the exact shape/length can be modified within reason if necessary and a mold does not need to be made for each itteration. This also allows us to offer them at a lower price point than carbon. See pictures and feel free to email us through our Contact Us page for specific questions or size requests. We can go up to a total of 13" total length if necessary and the tallest we will print them is 3" tall. The flange is part of the printed part to make attachment very easy, but due to different materials used for splitters, they do not come with hardware. They will be printed in black plastic (note: due to time constraints with our wind tunnel test, we had to print the low tire deflectors in light blue)


Current Stock:
Width: 12.00
Height: 4.00
Depth: 16.00