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Product Information

Use this tool to open doors with pull handles, open freezer doors in the grocery store, press pin pad buttons, flush toilets, operate touch screens, etc. This keeps your hands from being exposed to highly touched, dirty, virus contaminated surfaces. Add badge reels to you order to keep it on your side for extra ease of use. 

For touch screens: Ensure finger is in contact with foil strip to work with stylus tip.

Right now, our only color option is blue. If there is a demand for different colors, we will consider printing batches in colors.

We recommend daily cleaning to avoid cross contamination. 

They are 4" long.

Works with any pull door handle, and door levers. Will not work with door knobs.

Printed extremely strong to open even the most stubborn doors. 

Please note: I felt it would be irresponsible at this time to go around town to take pictures of it in use in public settings, so just used stuff around my house for now. 

When ordering, use the option boxes to select 1 to 4 keys, and 0 to 4 badge reels. Leave the "quantity" box at 1. This limits the number to 4 keys per order, and allows you to order a different number of keys and badge reels if needed. 

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