Welcome, and thanks for visiting! AJ Hartman Aero has its roots in AJ Hartman Racing, founded in 2015.

About AJ

AJ started working in the collision repair industry, as an ASE Master Tech certified in the Collision and Refinishing field and later worked as an ASE Master Tech certified in four areas of the Automotive/Light Truck sector. After 8 years of experience working in the body shop business, he struck out on his own, tinkering with composites and custom fabrication. He acquired Fulcrum Aero in 2013, and embarked on an endless pursuit of adding downforce to race cars. To this day, he unable to look at any object without processing Cd = D / (A * .5 * r * V^2) in his head.

A note about Carbon Fiber/Composites: There are many companies that produce slick-looking photographs and parts. Some of them are performance focused, and as such optimize for weight and aerodynamic efficiency. However, many don’t—because  it’s typically easier to rely on a slick marketing campaign. There are many, many shortcuts. Be conscious and always ask for the weight of the part— it's not uncommon for some carbon fiber parts designed for OEM replacement to weigh more than their aluminum counterparts. We stand behind (and on top) of our carbon fiber parts. Here is a primer on carbon fiber

Aerodynamics: This is a tricky subject because design and testing is very expensive, and performance often collides with aesthetics. At AJ Hartman Aero, all our wings have been developed with CFD by several consultancy firms, staffed with PhD’s in the field of Aerodynamics/Fluid Dynamics. This isn’t inexpensive, but it’s the right way to design aerodynamics for performance. We have also just recently got to test our Fulcrum 14" wing in a wind tunnel, and had some impressive results.

We’ve also set out to develop new parts, especially splitters, wing kits, and new canards, when ever we get the chance. 

Make sure the aerodynamic parts you buy do something—Ensure they’re backed by basic physics, look for data, a scientific approach, and become versed in the subject.

Special thanks to:

Our Aerodynamicist- Kyle


Sophia Le Fraga