Product Information

We developed these carbon fiber brake deflectors to more efficiently direct air to the open veins of the rotor on our GT350 with the help of the curved "ramp". Due to GT350 and GT500's larger aluminum cast knuckle, we felt a flat deflector could be improved upon and came up with this shape. To install onto any GT350 or GT500, you will need to tap the holes on your control arm with an M6 tap. M6 bolts will be supplied with the brake ducts. If you have a Performance Pack car, they will bolt right up to the existing holes. They only weigh 56g each so are extremely light. These are not intended for base GT's with solid back side rotors. Please note, these were tested with stock 19" wheels. Please test at max turn to double check clearance as different wheels with different offsets could have interference. 

Current Stock:
Width: 13.00
Height: 11.00
Depth: 2.00