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Product Information

Our original version C5/C6 splitter is back and better than before! Originally based off the splitter used by Corvette Racing, we made a few tweaks to make them even better. Since the tunnels are now a separate part, the flat splitter "blade" can be made with varying sizes to accommodate downforce goals or class rules. For example, if you class allows a 5" stick out, we can make it so it sticks out 5". If the rules say 3", we can make it stick out 3". It features a full profiled leading edge to promote smoother flow and more downforce. It is also upgradeable with strakes and side plates, both of which increase the downforce even further. Please note, this is the splitter blade ONLY! No brackets are included in this kit. So any mounting setup will be up to the installer. Check out the pictures for recommended mounting locations.

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