S550 Mustang Bracket *

Product Information

These compressible splitter rods allow your splitter to move up almost 1", while being solid in the down direction. Aside from giving you a way to support your splitter, this will lessen the impact on your splitter from scraping the track, hitting the apex curbing, and even lessen the chance of the splitter digging into the dirt and getting ripped off during an off track excursion. They are sold in pairs and can be had in lengths from 6" to 14" from rod end eyelet to eyelet. The measurement we need must be from eyelet to eyelet since the angle of the clevis can greatly change the total length of the splitter rod. Each clevis is 1" tall. They can be had with clevises on both ends, or a clevis on one end, and our S550 Mustang bracket on the other. The clevis's are a 5/16-18 thread. Please leave at a minimum 1/4" of the rod end threaded into the rod. They are sold in pairs. Don't forget to add some of our splitter biscuits to your order to protect your splitter from the inevitable scrapes it will see. Please contact us for any specific questions or need help figuring out length.


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