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These Canards (also called dive plates) fit the base model and M3 style bumpers. They increase downforce at the front of the car in conjunction with a splitter. The complete kit of 4 (upper and lower for both sides) comes with all the necessary hardware for mounting and can be easily removed or reinstalled to fine-tune the amount of front downforce for a specific application. Made from 100% carbon fiber. Don't forget to add the clear coat option if you want clear coat on the canards.

Note: Should you only need a pair (2) or a single canard, please select from the options. Specify what you need in a note at checkout (ex: "Driver's side upper and lower" or "Driver's lower and Passenger's lower"). Leave the options blank if you want the entire set of 4.

You can view and print and install guide here.



Current Stock:
Width: 11.00
Height: 16.00
Depth: 3.00