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Our Apex 8 Single Element wing has a chord of 8", making it a good choice for a lighter car and a moderate downforce goal. It was developed by a current F1 aerodynamicist and highly optimized for a very low drag coefficient. A unique feature of this wing is that it is "upgrade able" down the road with the addition of our 3" or 6" upper flap, turning the wing into our Apex 12 or Apex 15. Just ship us the wing back and we can fit it with the flap and endplates for an easy bump in rear downforce, without having to buy a completely new wing. They can be made with a span up to 72" wide and upright spacing is also customizable.  These come with a light weight UV protective clear coat. Please contact us if you need assistance with your application or need the wing to fit within specific class rules such as OPTIMA USCC rules (blue car pictured). 

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