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Please Note: This wing is so new, we don't have pictures of it on an E46 at this moment and will update the site as more of these wings get out there. 

Our Fulcrum 12 wing profile is a bespoke design that was developed by a former F1 aerodynamicist, JKF Aero. After looking at several classes that limit wings to a 12" cord, or have a 701 sq/in wing rule, the wing profile was tweaked, tested, tweaked, and tested multiple times to end up with an extremely efficient wing that still makes great downforce. Like its larger brother, the Fulcrum 14, it can be upgraded with mounts on top of the wing, an internal gurney channel, and larger endplates, all of which increase the wings efficiency. This wing is constructed with a resin infusion process and is a full carbon fiber layup, making it very light. It can be had in wing spans up to 73", and the mounting tabs can be placed anywhere you want. We can accommodate mounts at an angle like found on most Porsches. Please fill out the wing comments section to let us know what wing span and mounting tab spacing you want. The wing comes with a clear coat finish. This is the wing and endplates only. Wing "kits" are on their chassis specific page.



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