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We developed this front coilover conversion kit for those that want or need stiffer springs than direct OEM type replacements can offer, but don't want to jump all the way to a full coilover kit. Weather you still drive your car on the street and like the adjustability the factory Mag ride offers and want something slightly stiffer, or run in a class where aftermarket shocks are not permitted or take a points hit, or are just not ready to drop the money on a full aftermarket coilover setup, this kit is for you. You can run any 2.5" ID x 7" tall coilover spring up to 400lbs/in. The kit will contain the lower perch shims according to your desired ride height selection and the upper perch for your selected CC plate with new bearing. The shims will allow ride height adjustment as well as the ability to adjust corner balance should you really want to fine tune your setup. Currently, we've have setups for Vorshlag CC plates, Steeda CC plates, Maximum Motorsports and BMR CC plates. You have your choice of anywhere from 300 to 400lb/in springs or opt to source your own. Don't forget to pair the front kit with our S550 Rear Coilover Conversion kit here.


You can see more of the kit in this video here:


Track day testing at VIR:


Customers 2021 Mach 1 install and testing at VIR

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