We Are Changing Our Name Back to AJ Hartman Aero!

by AJ Hartman

 After an interesting year as RHR Performance, some staff changes have led me to change the company back to our original name, AJ Hartman Aero. This last year was a learning year for sure. Easily the most notable part of it all was contacting and working directly with Kyle at JKF Aero to run full CFD simulation and designs on several new parts. You can check out his youtube channel, Kyle.Engineers, to learn a ton about aerodynamics and other auto related topics. He has since moved onto F1, but his designs have provided huge benefits in the parts we now offer. We also addressed the issue of some old parts weathering quickly if they were a raw, or dry carbon part. Again, in a very performance oriented mindset, we now offer clear coats on just about all of our parts either as an option, or a standard. We developed a technique where a 72" Fulcrum wing only picks up 6 ounces, and a full set of canards doesn't even pick up 2 ounces of weight! About as close to a win win as you can get. We were able to race a full season with NASA again this year, while testing out our new splitter tunnels, splitter side plates, and modular rear diffusor, all of which were designed by Kyle. I attended some composite seminars to stay up on current material and processing techniques. Some of which we have integrated into our parts, but due to the competitive nature of this industry, we usually keep those close to heart. Most recently we were able to go to a full size wind tunnel and do some runs with our Fulcrum 14" wing in a 66" span vs. a popular "3D" wing. We will be doing a video on that soon, but suffice it to say that the results were impressive. So despite a year of changes, we still made great strides in which our customers ultimately benefit. 

 Moving forward, what can you expect? First, we will still be producing the same great parts. We will continually push ourselves to improve upon existing designs, and develop new ones. We have been working hard advancing our processes in an attempt to bring down lead times, but bear in mind that order volumes will make that go up and down certain times of the year. You can expect a better customer experience as I will be in more control of the company for the foreseeable future. I will also be bringing back a more regular schedule of blog posts, YouTube videos, and email blasts. Also, if you haven't yet, please follow and subscribe to our youtube channel as we have found that to be the best way to showcase some of what we do. You can get to it here. We hope to turn that into a source of information not just on our own parts, but composites and racing related topics in general.

 Last note at the moment is to please allow some time for us to change over our branding completely. All current emails should still work, but our new main email will be ajhartmanaero@gmail.com. Please let us know if you come across any bugs.

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you at the track!