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Our C8 wing kit is extremely unique in not only how it looks, but how it mounts. It is 100% bolt on! Not a single part on your car will need to be cut, drilled, or modified as this kit comes with every single nut, bolt, and bracket you will need to install. You can choose between 3 different wing profiles, depending on how much downforce you want to make, or if you have to adhere to any class rules. All of our wing profiles have extensive CFD development and full scale wind tunnel tests to back up their performance and high efficiency. Another extremely unique part of this wing kit is that you retain about 80% of access to the hatch/trunk. The uprights utilize a quick pin option with gas shocks that will lift the wing up and out of the way, and then open the hatch like normal. 


Wing Profile options 

Apex 8: A good choice if you are going for a modest downforce increase but don't want to go crazy with front aero to maintain balance. It has an 8" cord and 72" span. It has the highest L/D of our wings, but is also the smallest and lowest downforce producing wing we offer. Click here for this wings data.

Fulcrum 12: Our middle of the road wing that produces good downforce numbers with a great L/D ratio. It has a 12" cord and 72" span with an internal gurney channel upgrade. It will balance our a modest size splitter with some extra front end downforce goodies like canards. Click here for this wings data.

Fulcrum 14: The OG of large wings! With its 14" cord, this wing makes serious downforce. It has a great L/D ratio for its size and will pair nicely with a very large front splitter with canards and side plates. If you are serious about downforce and grip, this is the wing you want. It comes standard with an internal gurney channel and gurney flap. Click here for this wings CFD data

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