Wind Tunnel Videos! Louvers, Wings, Canards, and more.

by AJ Hartman

We got another opportunity to go to the wind tunnel with an E36 BMW. This time the tunnel was split 3 ways between our friends at, the car owner who wanted to run some of his own runs, and myself with our Apex 8Fulcrum 14, and 2 competitor wings. We want to respect our competitors so are not giving out exact numbers, but our Fulcrum 14 was by far the most efficient and gave the most downforce by quite a bit. The Apex 8, despite being the smallest wing of the bunch by about 20%, and hanging from the same uprights gave it a setback disadvantage (from being a shorter cord it was essentially forward) it was still right on par, and even out performed the larger competitor wings. That speaks volumes to the efficiency of the Apex's wing profile. We also got a chance to run a set of our E36 canards. Canards gave us almost double the downforce of the tire blockers. If you have questions or comments, post them in the video comments on YouTube. Also, please subscribe to see future videos!