Large Curved Tunnel
Straight Tunnel
Scuff plates (3)
Tunnel Installation

Product Information

This splitter kit is designed to fit within NASA's American Iron rules and is upgradable with our splitter tunnels. The kit comes with the splitter "lip" and the carbon/honeycomb "blade". The lip comes with a UV protective clear coat, and can be purchased seperately here. The tunnels were produced with the help of JKF Aero, and you can read about them here. The lip attaches to the bumper cover with supplied hardware. The vertical face of the lip can be trimmed shorter should you opt to raise the splitter higher for any reason. All parts are available seperately should you ever need a replacement piece and the tunnels come pre installed should you opt for those options. At this moment, the kit does not come with mounting brackets so the mounting solution will be up to the end installer.



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