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Our GT350 and GT350R 5" splitter kit was wind tunnel tested and with the factory GT350 under tray produced around 125-150 lbs of extra downforce at 100mph and over 300lbs at 150mph OVER what the GT350R splitter was producing. The splitters angle can be adjusted with the splitter rods, allowing a range of front downforce. These splitters are made in house with carbon fiber and a structural foam core making them extremely light. This also allows us to radius the leading edge, and bevel the trailing edge. This creates much less separation and turbulence under the splitter, further increasing its performance (video below). They come with 5 of our splitter scuff plates which are easily swapped out if they wear down. You can also add a set of our canards. Adding our canards increased front downforce between 30-80lbs depending on configuration. This splitter must be balanced out with a wing. Our Apex 8 or Fulcrum 14 will be good matches depending on the front aero setup. The splitter comes with brackets, splitter rods, and all hardware to install in a few hours. The only cutting will be to clearance the bumpers grill for the splitter rods to pass through. Notes: We highly recommend stiffer springs when upgrading your aero. Excessive scraping may result with softer springs. Lastly, please note that since we make everything in house, we can customize the size/shape of this splitter if you are working within any class rules, or just want something larger.





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